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What Comes After Postmodern

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!!  ScurvDogs  !!  A multi-media story

  Image from January 17, 2019 purchase of cassette tape on ebay, the day I reconnected with NEOPRIMITIVE musician and author, Brian T. Martin

Photo and purchase from The Original Heavy Metal Museum Site
I Can't Use It
Various Artists (Hardknock Records: Yummy Stuff)

~ ScurvDog song released in the 90s ~

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ScurvDog is hard to find nowadays, but do meet EDGAR SWAMP

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SUPER-SHORT-STORY about neoprimitive thinker Brian T. Martin (EDGAR SWAMP) and ScurvDog...


Edgar Swamp


BLACKOUT: The Life and Sordid Times of Bobby Travis

"EDGAR SWAMP" is a pseudonym for musician Brian T. Martin, who I knew when I was in college and finally found again on Facebook after many years of searching. 

I was so glad to see him looking so happy and healthy on in his timeline pics, as I has been harboring some real concern that he was dead, based on our time spent together "back in the day"...


Please know that I adore Brian T. Martin.  We were roommates and very good friends, and I would hear him every day wailing and screaming away in his room for hours as he played the guitar, which he still does to this day I am happy to report.  

But back then, as much as I adored Brian, it was clear to me that the name of his band at the time, ScurvDog, was not at all incidental.

And please understand that the story I'm about to tell happened when Brian T. Martin was in the age range where where he hadn't quite "firmed up his ethics" yet.  I suspect that has changed as he is still alive, happy and healthy, as noted above.

In any case, I was living with Brian's ex-girlfriend, Melissa, who was going out with Luke at the time.  Well, Brian had "ScurvDogged" his way back into her bedroom, as I was aware of when a loud, goal-directed knock pulled me out of bed the next morning.

So I open the door, and there stands Luke, standing rigid and still but clearly churning with emotion.  His eyes were wide open, quite intense, and locked into mine.  I immediately knew there would be trouble. 

And please note that Luke was an automotive mechanic, and well-built and very good looking.  So he was looking all old-school-movie-star in his seething intensity--which indicates a massive internal struggle that is being played out in spite of the external stillness and composure.

I forget what words were exchanged at the doorway, but Luke soon pushed past me and bee-lined to Mellissa's room and flung open the door.  I did not see, but could easily imagine, what he saw.

But I did hear the commotion, and quickly ran after Luke.  When I arrived at Mellissa's doorway, I saw that Luke had pinned Brian up against the wall, with one hand, which was wrapped around his throat.  And Brian's feet were wildly flailing below, as Luke had raised him off the ground in the pinning.

So, I'm not sure how Brian was able to spit this out, but he actually was able to say the absolute only thing that could have possibly saved him:

"Luke! Think about it.  Do you really want to KILL someone?"

And Luke froze, put some thought into it, and then released Brian from his grip.  Brian T. Martin then quickly gathered his clothes from off the floor, ran out of the bedroom, and scurried out of the apartment as fast as his "little ScurvDog legs" could carry him. 

Please note that Brian is relatively short, but has a head that is relatively large in proportion to the rest of his body, and overall has the ability to "puff himself up" to appear much larger than he actually is--like an animal trying to assert themselves aggressively or defensively, or to make a grandiose display.  This comes in handy on stage, as well as in real life.  But it wasn't a good strategy for him to employ in this particular situation.

So, please forgive and support Brian T. Martin, his alter-ego EDGAR SWAMP, the "ScurvDogs" in your own life, and all the independent working-class artist geniuses out there whenever you can !! 


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And an interview with EDGAR SWAMP, which further reveals that like many good neoprimitivists, he has "firmed up his ethics" since his ScurvDog days

 Please note that LINKS embedded in the text are for the most part tongue-in-cheek, highly meaningful, and further suggest any moral that may be found in this story

~ And if you have gotten this far, you simply must click on the ScurvDog cassette tape image for a suggestion on how to best "handle" any ScurvDogs in your life ~

The fool who persists in his folly will become wise. 

Engraving of William Blake by Luigi Schiavonetti

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